Case Studies

What happens before and after a cataract operation? How does it feel to have treatment for AMD or a macular hole? Many of our patients are very happy to share their experience of treatment – and how life has changed since they had their procedures. Their updated stories and journeys will be here soon. 

Case Study John - Sapphire Eye Care

Case Study: John

Since cataracts usually develop slowly, the problems they cause have a habit of creeping up on us – that is, until they become too frustrating

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Steven - Sapphire Eye Care

Case Study: Steven

Ask Steven about his experiences with vitrectomy surgery and he doesn’t equivocate. “Quite literally, my life has been changed,” he says frankly. “I can read.

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Julie - Sapphire Eye Care

Case Study: Julie

Severe short-sightedness had been part of Julie’s daily experience for as long as she could remember. Until recently, she had a prescription of -22 and

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