Low Vision Aids

Low Vision Aids

Many people feel resigned to the idea of losing their vision as they grow older.

But in fact there’s a lot we can do to make everyday life and tasks easier, even where the eyesight problems themselves can’t be fixed. With the ever-increasing market for high quality, high-sensitivity eyesight aids and enhancers, there’s a low vision option for almost everyone. When you come in for a clinic with us, we can help you to test and explore the devices that would work best for you.

The term “low vision” means that even with regular glasses, contact lenses or surgery, you struggle to see things clearly and carry out everyday tasks. Many people with low vision would describe their condition as “poor eyesight” or “poor vision”. But low vision can range widely in severity, from a partial loss of vision – such as blind spots – to being on the register as blind / severely sight impaired, or partially sighted / sight impaired.

Low Vision Aids (LVAs for short) are special devices that can help you to improve the quality of your vision. They are either optical (magnifiers) or non-optical (lighting and electronic systems). Although LVAs can’t correct eyesight problems, they can help you to maximise your remaining vision and improve your daily life.

Some Low Vision Aids can help you to do useful things close up, such as reading or seeing the control buttons on a cooker. Others can help you to see things which are far away, like road signs, or looking at a view.

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